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The Guardians' Trust Romance Series: Fated Mates, Shapeshifters & Passion! 🔥

Updated: Sep 10, 2022

Contract signed. Books coming soon!

The Guardians' Trust Series to be published soon!

Dr Ana Jones is confident, professional and has a good sense of humour… and she needs all of these attributes when she learns her fate is to leave her job as a vet at Chester Zoo and cross into an Amazonian world to join the Resistance who are fighting for survival within the Other Realm – a fate that is akin to stepping back in time… no iPads, running water or underwear! A Double, one of a pair of identical women born by Mother Nature to swap places, she must pass through the gateway and marry a stranger to help them win the war.

A warrior, leading the Resistance is Brenin’s life but Ana is his fate. Brenin embraces his marriage and the gift of shapeshifting his mating brings. Together, they find passion, then love... as they fight for a cause they were born to believe in. They must defeat the dictator who rules the realm with his impossibly strong army before he exterminates the Resistance and absorbs their female population into his own.

What’s the series about?

The Guardians’ Trust books are a contemporary paranormal/fantasy romance series. The premise of the series is that some women (and men) are born identical - one in the human world, one in the tropical jungle of the Other Realm. It is their fate to change places, their exchange playing a part in defeating the self-proclaimed king who rules the Other Realm.

The women of the series are strong and clever: leaders, professionals, warriors (for Greenpeace and the army!) and they are all brave, fighting for what they want – no passive, simpering heroines!

The human Doubles cross into an Amazonian world, join the Resistance in their fight against a misogynistic dictator and make an arranged marriage with the man Mother Nature birthed as her mate. The women in the Other Realm cross to join the human world and marry members of The Guardians’ Trust, a wealthy family group who guard the gateway between the two worlds.

Of course, the men are strong and attractive, brave and protective – but on equal terms, valuing the women in their lives as partners and lovers. They value strength, they aren’t intimidated by it.

Two women, two worlds… how does the series work?

Each book tells a complete story but works to further the plot of the series as a whole.

Book one tells the story of Dr Ana Jones, a human crossing to the Other Realm. Book two tells the story of her Double, Siana, who leaves the Resistance to join The Guardian Trust. So, book one a human in the Other Realm and book two an Other in the human world.

This pattern holds for the first several books… until things take an unexpected twist!

For the books in order click here.

I love paranormal romance but why should I read this series?

I love the worlds and the characters of this series and believe you will too. I’m an avid reader. I know what paranormal/romance stories hooked me and why. I’ve used that reading experience to shape my worlds. (Read more about the books I love in my blog Great Plots… and Paranormal).

Firstly, I LOVE stories that have, well, a great story: good versus evil, conflict and peril and, of course, a happy ever after/for now ending. In this series I hope you will find both a good story and characters you can care about…

Secondly, there are many paranormal elements that run throughout these stories. Some of the characters are shapeshifters: panther, wolf, eagle, hawk, mountain lion, deer and one that is definitely more of a surprise! The power of Mother Nature runs through the beliefs of both the Guardians’ Trust and the Other Realm (given the issues facing the planet today, the power of nature certainly struck a chord with me). Those with Other blood can connect with Mother Nature through Affinity, the essence of life that connects all things. Affinity is an almost magical connection, its effects are both spiritually enriching and arousing (!).

And last but not least, this series is a romance so there’s passion, emotion and heat in spades! That Affinity I was talking about? It adds quite a kick to the lovin’!

Coming to live amongst a tribalistic group of mountain dwelling warriors takes some getting used to…

The Guardians' Trust: Ana (Book 1) - taster coming soon...

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