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Great Plots… and Paranormal Romance

Updated: Mar 22, 2021

I love reading romance. There I said it – my (not so) secret confession.

I love a great romance novel but as I’ve devoured historical romance, contemporary romance and paranormal romance series I came to realise that what I want from a romance novel is more than a hot lead character and a night (or ten!) of sizzling passion. I want a great story.

I want heroes who are actually heroes – not men who are called that because they stumbled into the lead role.

I want heroines that are bold and strong and take the lead, rather than always being led.

And of course, a good story means a villain, a twist and a conflict that keeps me turning the pages.

I found all of these within the crafted pages of some of my favourite authors – and I have tried my very best to create a great story in The Guardians’ Trust series.

Some of the great paranormal plots I found inspiring include:

  • Lucy Monroe: Moon Craving (A Children of the Moon Novel)

  • Donna Grant: Dark Sword Novels

  • Donna Grant: Dragon King Series (I’m a huge fan of Donna’s writing!)

Monroe’s Moon Craving: I read all of this series, and enjoyed them all, but this novel stood out to me and I have read it several times. There is just something about Talorc (the werewolf shifting hero) and his relationship with his wife Abigail (who is deaf) that I return to again and again. In this historical paranormal romance novel you will find passion, a brave heroine who fights for what her heart wants and the all-important great story.

I also enjoy the relationship subplots Monroe weaves into her novels. You don’t get the inclusion of subplots often in romance stories (or at least the ones I’ve read) but I really liked the added level the subplots give to her Children of the Moon series. In Moon Craving the secondary romance is between Guaire and Niall, two men who are deeply in love but daren’t let it show. I was pleased these two characters continued to be featured in later novels.

From this series I would also strongly recommend Dragon’s Moon. This tells the story of Erik, prince of his shifter clan, and Ciara who is troubled and destined for great things.

Donna Grant: The Dark Sword novels were a real eye opener for me. The stories of the MacLeod brothers hidden away in their castle captured my imagination and helped open up the way I thought of paranormal romance. I devoured every book in this series, in particular the stories of Broc and Sonya in Darkest Highlander, Galen and Reaghan in Shadow Highlander and Hayden and Isla in Untamed Highlander.

I also loved the way the series started as historical but branched into a contemporary series – Dark Warrior novels. I have read every one of these, too!

Grant’s Dragon Kings series is contemporary and proud, embracing fashion loving heroines and nail varnish loving fae. Do I really need to pick a favourite here…? So many!

Some great romantic plots I fell head over heels with:

· Nora Roberts: Chesapeake Bay Quartet

· Maya Banks: Highland Novels

· Stephanie Laurens: The Cynster Novels (I LOVE her writing!)

Are you a writer itching to start your own romance novel? Perhaps these blogs will be useful: How to Write a Paranormal Romance Book and Paranormal Romance & World Building.

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