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For the Love of Shapeshifters...

Updated: Mar 22, 2021

I stumbled upon paranormal novels quite by chance. I was twenty-two, new to the city of Chester after gaining my first job post-university and I was working my way through the new, exciting shelves of the city’s library.

Between Nora Roberts and LaVyrle Spencer, I came across a thin, unassuming book that unexpectedly blew my mind. Unfortunately, I can’t remember the title or the author of this book but what has stuck with me is the unexpected journey the paranormal romance took me on. In the story a woman, brought low by life and circumstance, travels to a remote English estate to marry a handsome, wealthy recluse – initially, the novel was not so different from a hundred romances I’d read before but then I learnt why the hero had withdrawn from society. I still remember my surprise when I learnt he was both blessed and cursed by his ability to transform into a wolf at each full moon. I was excited by the supernatural elements of the story, intrigued by the hero as he prowled the cliffs around his home and I fell in love with the added heat and passion the genre twist added to what would have otherwise been an enjoyable but normal romance.

I still love Roberts and Spencer, but the chance discovery of paranormal books changed my experience of reading… forever.

And now, propelled by that accidental discovery, I have created my own paranormal world of shapeshifters and prowling, hungering heroes and I will be very happy if they give you even a small amount of the joy that accidental book gave me.

  • To find out about the books presently available in this series click here to visit my books page.

What shapeshifters can I expect in this series?

Many of the shapeshifter novels I have read have featured dragons and wolves. I love both: brooding, alpha males who can transform into these beasts and are sexy as hell – what’s not to like? But reading these novels left me pondering two things: what other animals would make great shifting natures in paranormal romance novels and why are most of the shifters featured in paranormal books male?

In The Guardians’ Trust Series both heroes and heroines gain animal natures after successfully mating the partners Mother Nature birthed for them. The shifting abilities include (in no particular order): panther, wolf, jaguar, mountain lion, deer, hawk, eagle, leopard… and at least one other animal I won’t reveal!

No matter the animal natures the characters in the Other Realm gain – whether the shifter is male or female - the hero and heroine fall in love (and often lust!) with each other on their journey. Sometimes there’s danger, sometimes the stories can get a little dark, other times they are sweeter, lighter… but always there is passion.

So, if like me, you are in love with shapeshifters… give this series a try.

Best Wishes

Beth Linton

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