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Author Interview - Sophy Layzell | Beth Linton

This blog features Sophy Layzell, an author and all round lovely lady whose second dystopian sci-fi novel, Upon All Men, was released in March 2022. Check out Sophy's website to learn more about all of her books.

What was your earliest memory? What was your early life like? 

Some of my earliest memories are from when we lived in London. I can recall walking to ballet lessons and stopping to examine the brightest red and orange tulip petals, the milk at pre-school breaktime that came in little cartons, (everyone loved them except me) and our flat. I can picture that even now quite vividly. We moved to Gloucestershire permanently when I was five and started school by Chalcot Square. London still has a place in my heart.


Were there any moments that you recall being particularly challenging growing up? 

My childhood was idyllic. It was spent in a big old house in the middle of the most stunning valley, but at times I was lonely. In a way that is probably what led me to be creative. We had no television and I had to plan my own entertainment. It’s meant I’ve ended up self-sufficient. I don’t need to rely on anyone else and that can make me hard to work with.

At what point did you discover the joy of writing?

I began to enjoy writing when I was about ten after receiving praise for my efforts. I think that’s often all a child needs, someone to tell them they are good at something and then school work becomes a pleasure. Writing was also a vehicle for my illustrations. I often wrote stories to give myself something to draw. Like most children I entered various art and writing competitions and even if I didn’t win I enjoyed the process.

Why do you write?

At times I really don’t know! Once it’s done and the book is under scrutiny it’s quite painful. I don’t know any author who enjoys marketing or reading reviews of their work. But the absolute absorption while a story is underway is deeply satisfying. When things are going well, and the plot and characters almost write themselves, that’s when you realise why you put yourself through it all.

Tell me more about the Complete Trilogy

The Complete Trilogy is made up of interlinked novels, Measure of Days, Upon All

Men and Wages of Sin, all featuring the key players in an imagined future where not

only is the geographical landscape is altered by rising water levels but the population is

under threat from a flesh eating virus. Out of this global disaster a scientific

governing body, the Establishment, have led the way to try and solve the crisis but

after eighty years they still haven’t managed to find a vaccine and the only cure has

savage side effects.

To challenge the Establishment a new young pressure group, the Faction, has risen,

determined to have answers, so sure they can find a solution. In answer to their

prayers they discover a girl called Deter. She has natural immunity and they are sure that with

access to her genes they will soon find a vaccine. As power begins to shift, who will


The second book in the trilogy, Upon All Men, is out on 28th March, 2022 and the final instalment will be released 28th October, 2022.

What benefits does writing have for you? 

It simultaneously takes me away from real life while also giving me time and the tools

to assess my life. So, from a personal development point of view, it’s given me

perspective and peace. It’s challenging and stimulating which has been a blessing

because physically, with post viral fatigue these past two years I’ve not been able to

do much else.

What future ambitions do you have? Is there another book to the series, or

more standalone novels like Invisible Thread?

I have various stories in the pipeline but also quite a few unfinished projects, too. This

is a year for tying up loose ends and promoting the trilogy.

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