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10 Gifts for Romance Book Lovers

Updated: Dec 6, 2021

Looking for a Christmas present for a romance reader? This blog gives you ten thoughtful and fun gift ideas that any romance book reader would be delighted with. Whether your friend loves paranormal romance, contemporary romance or historical romance, you’ll find something suitable in this Christmas 2021 blog.… And, best of all, the first gift in the list is free!

Wonderful bookish gifts for 2021 Christmas purses!

1. The Romance Coloring Book Challenge.

£FREE (for now!)

The premise behind this original idea is ideal for both book lovers and those who enjoy coloring. Each coloring page gives a great image and intricate background suitable for to the romance genre and is accompanied by a reading challenge set by a romance author. The romance reader challenges are generic, fitting a trope or theme (for example ‘Warrior and Shapeshifter’ or ‘Vacation Shenanigans’), and offers a suggested book to read if the challenge appeals.

The coloring book is available in different formats:

  • A traditional coloring book is available from Amazon – release date soon. I’ll add a link here as soon as it’s released!

  • A downloadable book for home printing is available BookFunnel or from PayHip. This coloring book is FREE until December 31st 2021.

  • Or, you can select FREE individual pages to print here. The pages are organised by genre title and challenge and you can search key words to find romance reader challenges that appeal to you. #ColorfulRomance

2. Romance Novel 11oz Coffee Mug


For the historical romance lover, this mug features an image worthy of any #stepbacksaturday.

3. Book lover t-shirt. Library head tee for women.


I love this t-shirt because it would suit any #bookstagramcommunity member, not just a romance reader.

4. Friends to Lovers Candle (Trope Inspired, Romance Range)


Looking for that little something to give to a romance reader friend? This romance trope candle could be perfect. It comes in different sizes (jar or tin) and tropes, including: Friends to Lovers, Secret Billionaire and Enemies to Lovers.

5. Romantic Tarot by Giulia F. Massaglia Lo Scarabeo


A more unusual gift for romance book lovers, this tarot set has beautiful romance images reminiscent of Pride and Prejudice that will add depth to any reading given for someone seeking answers about their love life.

6. Love/Romance Coffee Cup Psychic Reading


An unusual quirky gift for tea drinkers! Who says you need to leave the house to have your tea leaves read and your future love life divined? This tea leaf reading session can be completed via photographs. Simply pose your burning romance questions and send the pictures of your tea cup and get your reading.

7. Romance Reader Enamel Pin


Need something to brighten up your work lanyard? This little enamel in is so cute!

8. Reading Squad Shirt - Book Lover Shirt


This might be the second t-shirt I’ve featured, but I couldn’t resist it because of the Friends twist!

9. Book Themed Coasters | Books Lover’s Coaster


Suitable for any romance reader’s desk, this coaster will brighten your romantic friend’s heart every time she picks up her morning coffee!

10. Gift a Christmas Romance e-book


Buy on Amazon but click ‘buy for others’ in the box under the yellow ‘buy now’ button.

To read and excerpt click here.

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